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"Recently, several colleagues at work suffered family bereavements and, once again, it made me realise how difficult it is to know when and how and how much to talk about death and bereavement with people who have suffered a loss.  So, if young people can learn about this early in life that would surely help them to support others and deal with their own losses."


Senior Manager and Parent

Designed to create maximum impact. A whole year group can experience the story live. Told by a performer/narrator and interspersed with music played by a live band, simultaneously illustrated by unique animation. This version has been developed to enhance focus with different learning styles in mind.


Designed to engage with and develop pupils’ creativity. The script, animation and musical score will be available to download, with no limit to the number of pupils who could be involved in the performance - narrators, characters, musicians, stage hands, technicians, etc.


Designed for easy accessibility, a downloadable video version, with the story, music and animation, suitable for presentation in individual classrooms, will be available for those schools with space limitations.