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These are our current partners and sponsors we are proud to be associated with. If you are interested in becoming one too please email us.


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Child Bereavement UK helps families to rebuild their lives when a child grieves or when a child dies. They support children and young people (up to the age of 25) when someone important to them has died or is not expected to live, and parents and the wider family when a baby or child of any age dies or is dying.

They offer free, confidential bereavement support for individuals, couples, children, young people, and families, by telephone, video or instant messenger, wherever they live in the UK. They also offer face-to-face support from a number of locations.

This year Child Bereavement UK is supporting Project Eileen's Hair Raising campaign. for further information.

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Jigsaw (South East) provides information, advice and guidance to help support bereaved children and young people and those facing the loss of a loved one across Surrey and parts of West Sussex and Kent. We offer therapeutic sessions for children and young people individually and together with their families. We also provide advice and support for professionals working with bereaved children and young people as well as a bereavement training programme.

Please call 01342 313895 or visit our website at for further information.

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● Therapeutic Workshops for those bereaved of a parent or sibling, with additional support for those bereaved under traumatic circumstances: murder, manslaughter or suicide.
● Memory Days for those bereaved of another family member or friend.
● Activity Days for families to support them at difficult times of the year: Mother’s Day,
Father’s Day and Christmas.
● One to one and group support for those living with a family member with a life-limiting illness.
● Support for parents and carers to help them understand their child’s grief and to encourage
more effective communication within the family.
● A telephone support line for advice and guidance.

Schools are our primary source of our referrals. We raise awareness in schools of the needs of bereaved children and the ways that their grief may impact on their learning and behaviour, and we liaise with families through a nominated staff member who becomes our trained and supported “School Bereavement Contact”.

To find out how to access Slide Away’s support, please visit our website:, or e-mail: or call 07876 232791.

Slide Away supports children and young people living in or attending school in Kent who have been bereaved of a family member or friend, or who are living with a family member with a life-limiting illness.

To help them understand and manage their grief, Slide Away’s experienced and professional clinicians offer:

funding partners


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Schoolblazer are the UK’s leading supplier of uniform and sportswear to independent schools, with a deep commitment to sustainability and fair trade. We are online experts, focussed on providing design and product innovation to our schools, including bespoke, modern tailoring and high-performance sportswear. We deliver shopping convenience for our parents, with free name-taping and Intelligent Sizing.

"We are very happy to support you on this. It is our pleasure to support such a great cause and provide T-shirts to Project Eileen to help their message reach out.”   Robin Horsell, Co-Founder, Schoolblazer

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Will & Probate Services, part of the W&P Legal Group, is one of the leading independent estate planning firms in the UK. Professionally run by qualified paralegals, we specialise in later life and post-death planning and administration. Established in 2005, we are headed by one of the most respected figures in the Will Writing Sector – Nick Ash TEP, a Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals.

We can help across all Will writing and probate situations, including understanding and planning your Will, help with how to get probate, understanding an Executors duties or assisting with Lasting Powers of Attorney and the Court of Protection. For long term care and estate planning, we can help with Trusts and the types of Trusts that will meet your exact requirements. We can also offer advice on Inheritance Tax.

"We are delighted to support Project Eileen. Talking about death is the ultimate taboo for some people and yet it is inevitable. Everyone will experience a bereavement at some time during their lives. The earlier people get used to difficult conversations the more natural they will seem so the lessons for teenagers are a massive step change in bereavement preparedness." Nicholas Ash, Managing Director


CPJ Field is the UK’s oldest funeral directors, with a rich heritage dating back to the late 1600s.  The 10th generation family business is actively owned and managed by the Field family, operating over 30 funeral homes across Southern England.

CPJ Field is a 300-year-old family business, creating personalised funerals for the 21st century supporting thousands of families in their time of need. It offers the highest standards of care and commitment through what can be a stressful and highly emotional time. The company prides itself on its core values, that no two lives are the same so no two funerals should be the same, as every life is unique.

"Supporting teenagers and young adults experiencing the pain of death and grief is something incredibly close to mine and my colleagues at CPJ Field's hearts. It's an experience as 'grown ups' we hope to be able to shield children and young adults from, but sadly it's a reality of life and one which if not addressed can lead to future complications. It was a privilege to support Project Eileen with their development of a framework to raise awareness of death and dying in schools and to collaborate on the development of a module on funerals. Talking to children about death and dying is something that we shouldn't shy away from. It is something we should feel equipped to tackle openly in order that we may be able to support them to manage and express their grief in an honest and open manner.”

Jeremy Field, Managing Director. CPJ Field

Sussex Masonic Charitable Foundation CIO

The Sussex Masonic Charitable Foundation CIO and its 10 freemason trustees, work alongside the masonic Grand Lodge of Sussex, administering and distributing funds raised by the over 4,000 Sussex Freemasons and the London based, Masonic Charitable Foundation, to the benefit of Sussex communities and charities.

Registered with the Charities Commission in March 2018, the charity is broadly charged, in Sussex, with relieving sickness and preserving health, advancing education and preventing or relieving poverty or financial hardship. It may of course also address such other exclusively charitable purposes as the trustees may consider appropriate.

Located in the Sussex Freemasons headquarters building in Brighton, the Foundation also considers and provides ‘matched funding’ support to the local charitable initiatives of the 161 Lodges in the 27 masonic centres across East and West Sussex.


The Sussex Masonic Charitable Foundation also supports the work of Sussex based charities through its ‘Sussex For Sussex’ initiative.


“An important part of what we do as Sussex Freemasons is supporting our Sussex communities, and we’re very pleased to be able to help Project Eileen in the excellent work that they are doing supporting young people and helping to build their resilience and understanding of the difficult subject of bereavement”. 

Michael Harris, Chairman of the Sussex Masonic Charitable Foundation CIO



Huge thanks to the following for their kindness in giving valuable time and/or donations to help us achieve our aim of helping young people tackle the topics of death and grief. We are enormously grateful.

Sir Tony Robinson

Lady Patten of Barnes

Guy Dawson

Tim Ashdown

Karen Dunkin

Simon Sinnatt

Jemima Poffley

Victoria Watt

Eric Clapton

Jeremy Field

Yasha Muraben

Caroline Hicks

Antonia Longrigg

Robin Horsell

Ian Fry



As successful recipients of funding from the Community Directplus Customer Donation scheme, Project Eileen reflects “The Co-operative Bank’s determination to encourage the sustainable improvement of communities, support ecological and ethical developments and promote diversity and education”.

For more information about The Co-operative Bank’s Customer Donation Fund visit:

SFS Group is a leading provider of innovative products for independent schools, parents, pupils and students. With more than 25 years’ experience, SFS Group prides itself on efficient and sensitive customer service.


Our unique range of insurance products cover families as their children progress through the independent education system and on to university, protecting possessions, health, life and finances against unwanted and unexpected interruptions. Follow SFS Group on Twitter and Facebook for parenting and finance tips.

01306 746300


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