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Project Eileen provides a six lesson package with all the resources you could possibly need to cover the topics of death and grief. The package includes:


  • Eileen, a story presented in the first lesson to provide a springboard for the subsequent lessons, allowing for distance and objectivity.

  • Available in 3 versions:

  • Animated Version

  • Creative Version

  • Workshop Version

     (Further details below)

  • 5 detailed lesson plans which cover areas such as the language, the associated emotions, the history and culture of death and grief plus the practical necessities.


  • Additional resources include 5 ready to use PowerPoint presentations, further information, printable worksheets, advice for teachers and detailed lists of support organisations.


  • A letter template to send to parents in preparation for teaching the subject.

Schools can choose to use all or a selection of the lessons to suit their students and time scales.

For further information watch the introduction video above or contact us at: 

animated version



with or without subtitles

This version offers schools a 47-minute animated film to be watched in the first lesson and used for reference in subsequent lessons. It is also available with clear subtitles suitable for deaf or hard of hearing students and for students who may benefit from this support

Mr Mac



This version provides schools with scripts, the musical score and an interactive animation. Designed to engage with and develop pupils’ creativity there is no limit to the number of pupils who could be involved in their own presentation. The film from the animated version is used for reference in subsequent lessons

Mrs Goodall
creative version

This version offers schools the opportunity to have a Workshop Facilitator for a day to explore the story, Eileen. Working on sections of the story in smaller groups, students will be able to access their creativity and explore different aspects of death and grief. At the end of the day they will come together to present their own version of Eileen to the whole year group. In addition, student musicians can work on any number of the Eileen songs, which can be incorporated into the presentation. The film from the animated version is used for reference in subsequent lessons.



Mr Pinker
workshop version
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