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Project Eileen offers schools the opportunity to have a fully funded Workshop Facilitator for a day to creatively explore the themes of Eileen, the story upon which the Project Eileen Programme of Lessons is based. Our Workshop Facilitators are experienced working in schools, and all are Enhanced DBS checked.


The workshops are flexible and will include all or some of the following: 

  • a drama warmup 

  • a readthrough of the script of Eileen 

  • exploration of the themes within Eileen 

  • exploration of the songs/lyrics in Eileen 

  • creating/devising a scene/improvisation based on a theme or idea within the story 

  • students filming their pieces to show to other groups and to help consolidation


  • A Project Eileen Workshop Day runs from the beginning to the end of the school day (or longer if needed and feasible for the school.) 

  • The participating year group (Year 9 or 10) is divided into workshop groups - maximum of 30 students in a group. The day will comprise successive workshops all with the same content. 

  • The ideal amount of time per individual workshop is no less than 2 hours. However, this can be shortened to a minimum of 1½ hours if there is a large number of students to be accommodated in the given time. Schools need to work out how many students can reasonably participate according to the limitations of time available in their school day. 

  • x1 Project Eileen Workshop Facilitator will run the workshop day (funded by Project Eileen and free to the school). If required, to accommodate more students, a further Workshop Facilitator could be available on the day, (at a cost of £350). 

  • To ensure workshops run as smoothly as possible, at least one teacher is required to be with the students during the workshop day. 

  • The workshops should take place in a large space such as a gym, hall or drama studio. 

  • Due to the sensitive nature of the topics being covered in the workshop, it is essential schools have provision should any students feel they need to talk to a member of staff about how it has affected them. 


Currently, the Workshop Facilitator option is only available in the South East of England – (East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, West Kent, South London).


The scheme is being expanded to match interest from schools in other areas of the UK.

Contact: to arrange a workshop or to express interest if your school is in another part of the UK.

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