Because mortality will affect everyone at some point and yet people find it almost impossible to talk about.

A downloadable animated video narrated by

Sir Tony Robinson with original music.

In addition to the Recorded Version, schools are provided with the script, musical score and animation to create their own production.

In addition to the Recorded Version, schools will be able

to experience a performance by professional musicians and narrator/performer.

“Project Eileen is shining a light on an issue that has been taboo for far too long, despite affecting young people in a whole host of ways. After losing my closest friend age 19, I felt isolated, and my friends and peers struggled to deal with it as much as I did. I really think Project Eileen will provide support for those young individuals who have lost someone close in age, but also, and perhaps more importantly, show others how to comprehend and help younger people who are dealing with grief.” 

Bryan Lynch

Deputy Director of Social Work

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

A multimedia project for Year 10 pupils, comprising a powerful story which looks at the impact of death on a group of teenagers, presented through narration, animation and music with a series of lesson plans and comprehensive teacher resources. Secondary schools can choose from:

By normalising the topic of death, it is anticipated young people will find themselves in a better position to deal with any loss they will one day encounter, sometimes unexpectedly. 

For those who have not yet encountered death in their lives, they will discover ways to respond to their friends who have been bereaved. In the future, this knowledge will enable them to offer support to colleagues, friends and relatives.

For young people who have been affected by death already in their lives, it is hoped that it will help them to feel less isolated and to realise they are not alone. 

By opening up

the subject it seeks to help build resilience and prevent  the development of mental health issues and complications which

sometimes result from

bereavement and grief. Crucially it aims to encourage

peer support.

2020 sees Project Eileen go live in two pilot secondary schools, after which it will become available across the UK.

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“We spend thousands of hours teaching our children on everything from physics, geometry, to the dreaded ‘sex education’ lessons. But not one hour of the school curriculum is devoted to that inescapable nature of our own mortality -  how to deal with death. To be human is to be mortal. Project Eileen is a ground-breaking attempt to arm our children with a mechanism to break the social taboos around death.” 

Kevin Toolis

Author of My Father’s Wake: How the Irish Teach Us to Live, Love and Die


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